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Default Re: Psych R*** Reporter presents the sex crimes &sexual misconduct-derived state disc

Originally Posted by junkDNA View Post
hmm... I think back then (as this was almosy 9 years ago now) I felt very conflicted still. still was very confused about the whole thing and also still felt massive regret for telling someone what was happening

today.. when I read the 2 posts about my situation.... certain words feel extremely validating. they used the words that the Board director used.. such as "abusive in nature" and that he put us in "dangerous situations" with people we did not know

when the news paper published 2 article about former t and his suspension and license being revoked.... people commented on the article. one of my biggest mistakes was reading those comments

they said I seduced him for his money... that he would never do such things. former patients... colleagues... family friends.. they all denounced my story. and even tho I was only called Patient X... it was devastating to my psyche
People are cruel and dumb..and cowardly. I am so sorry you've been hurt like that. I had a little bit of this, but not as awful as you did.

When I wrote a review of my former T who was disciplined by the board on yelp, I got a message from someone who knew him, may be one of his other clients, may be someone else. They told me to "examine" my motifs and suggested that I wrote a review to get his attention and that I was supposed to "accept" that he was "not interested" in me. Needless to say, I had no desire to get his attention and I couldn't care less if he was or wasn't interested in me. I wrote a review to warn others about him and I attached factual documents from the board. But that message just pissed me off as well as other reviews that appeared immediately after mine was posted and were telling a completely different story about him. They painted him as a saint who did nothing but saving people's lives. I got very upset then, but I got over it relatively quickly.

But your experience was much worse. To say that you seduced your T intentionally is so insulting and hurtful. Besides, even if that had been true, that wouldn't have made any difference in terms of who was responsible for abuse. He would've been responsible no matter what you had or hadn't done. But people are dumb and are too attached to their old ways of thinking about things.

One thing I've learned from all that is that virtual reality is not safe at all. It's great that internet makes it possible to bring things into light, but this has its downside. Oftentimes, in the process of making things transparent people get hurt. This definitely applies to forums like this one and to all social media.

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