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Default Re: ignore list question

Originally Posted by amandalouise View Post
this isnt about everyone getting along or not. the ignore list is to protect yourself from things that may trigger you.

I was asking if the same rules apply when someone..........asks....... to be on someones ignore list.

I found out that the same rules do apply, it does not matter if someone asks to be on the ignore list or not, we are not supposed to going against the ignore list by going to other peoples threads to talk to those on our ignore lists....

there was a reason behind why I asked... I had someone on my ignore list due to ...........their asking for me to put them on my ignore list........... then they posted to me through someone elses thread.

I did not want to violate the rules by posting to them in someone elses thread when they are on my ignore list and im assuming I was on their ignore list (why else would someone ask others to place them on ignore if they dont do it their self right.)

I was trying to get clarification of the ignore list rules before i posted in someone elses thread to the person that was on my ignore list when they asked to be on my ignore list. I reported the post in case it was a violation and I made this thread to find out what the rules are for this kind of thing.

after I posted this thread I remembered a couple posts by doc john about the ignore list so I now know my answer.

people on ignore when they know they are on ignore should not be using other peoples thread to contact the other person That covers in my mind the fact that some ask others to place them on ignore.

I now have my answer and Im glad I checked this out before replying in someone elses thread to someone on my ignore list even though it was at .....their own request........ that they are on my ignore list.
I agree, that response was kind of invalidating and almost putting at fault that we need to do self care. I am glad you got the resolution you needed. Although I don't know why you would be on anyone's ignore list because I think you are awesome!

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