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Default Re: Has anyone used CBD for anxiety or depression

Originally Posted by detour1 View Post
i been using L thenaine and it works for the most part
but was thinking about trying out CBD how does it work and how do you take it for anxiety?
it's legal here in az. and i have a medical m/j card for my crohn's/colitis; i buy a vape pen and tell person behind counter i want something for sleep and anxiety, not something activating...since my diagnosis is hypomania with no depression. i take 1/2 of .5 mg. klonopin in the am with rest of my meds/vitamins but i find around 2pm my anxiety predictably kicks in; i'll take one hit off my vape which seems to cut the edge off my anxiety. only when i'm very stressed with i take another 1/2 of klonopin in afternoon, but don't vape when taking the klonopin; i have a very low tolerance and for me, that 1/2 of klonopin really over-calms me. do your research on the cbd oil as everyone has different experience with it. i've tried the edibles and they make me very high, even taking a small bite from a gummy.
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