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Originally Posted by AB2371 View Post
They certainly don't make that process easy. My work situation is similar. I'm on SSDI and have gotten my ticket to work; thing is, most of my assistance goes into rent, bills and cost of living and I can no longer pay all of my bills. I am too overwhelmed by life to work enough to support myself and I do not qualify for SSI (probably because my car loan). Does anyone know if I could be awarded additional assistance (food stamps, housing assistance, emergency?) and/or what more I could apply for? When I went to ask for housing assistance, they gave me a list of places I can't afford in neighborhoods I am unfamiliar with. I am not interested in moving, but I can no longer make all of my payments and afford to eat. Somewhat panicked but mostly thinking about my future. Anyone have suggestions for me?

IDK of any legit advice to give you but I do know of some somewhat shady (but legal) stuff to do to make a little money on the side without them knowing.

I've made a list of stuff I would do if I ever had to get on disability because let's face it, a measly $700 is barely enough to live on, let alone to actually enjoy life with. I mean, lets face it: what is the point of living if you can't enjoy life and be happy? Unfortunately, in capitalist America, you need money for pleasure and freedom.

Anyways, here's my list:

Donate plasma for an extra few hundred a month. Money goes on a prepaid card and you don't have to report anything since you can't make over $650 per month off plasma.

Sell virtual currency in MMO games or mobile games. If you have a PC that can run android emulators, the latter becomes even easier. You can make an extra $300-500 a month easily off this method. Get paid in either bitcoin or PayPal for maximum effect.

Open a stealth eBay and PayPal account under fake information. Note this isn't illegal so long as the account isn't made using stolen information. PayPal also isn't required to ask for your SSN unless you make more than $20,000 per year off sales or sell more than 500 items a year. For inventory, download the eBay app on your phone and hit up garage sales, estate sales, and clearances. Buy items with a high resell value on eBay. Scan the items with your smartphone via the eBay app (or a 3rd party app) to make sure the item you're buying is profitable. When withdrawing money from the PayPal account, request a paper check to be mailed to your house and then cash the check at a check cashing place and pocket the cash. For more information, Google Aspkin. Aspkin is a forum dedicated specifically to this topic.

Trade bitcoins on LocalBitcoin or Paxful for either prepaid gift card codes or cash in mail. You can sell bitcoins well above market value and buy them well below value by trading your own cash bought gift cards or cash by this method. What's more, neither site actually requires ID verification (all though they do encourage it) and Paxful requires you to hold some of your sale money in a bond until you gain a certain amount of successful sales. This method can potentially earn 6 figures if you do it full time.

Head over to blackhat world website and look for some black hat internet marketing methods. There are a lot to choose from that can net you an easy $100-200 or more per month with the potential to scale them into even more profitable ventures. This method is rather tricky and may require more research than the other methods here but can potentially make you more money than a full time job on autopilot if you fully master it.

Some here might agree with my methods here but when people who struggle with MI can't get the help that they need than there is a problem. I'm more than willing to share my methods with people that need the extra help since the system is clearly failing in that regard.
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