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Default Re: I Feel Like I Can't Love (Romantically)

Originally Posted by avlady View Post
to continue, i think maybe you just havn't met your soulmate or rather best friend yet but you have your whole life ahead of you. i am 57 yrs old so you are probably alot younger than me, but i believe in true love and even though i am not with my true love, .
Agreed. You might think 23 is old enough to have met someone you "love" but I was pretty shocked when I made it to 30 before I even had the slightest inkling of love. Also I have never really found love and attraction at the same time. Mostly I find love and somehow that love transforms someone's look to attractive to me.

Unlike what they tell you on tv... love, true love, is pretty rare and hard to find. I also feel like there are different kinds of love -- one being the more passionate type of love (that usually doesn't last long) and the other being a more calm / long term love that is more of a great admiration of someone.
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