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Default Re: Has anyone used CBD for anxiety or depression

Originally Posted by detour1 View Post
i been using L thenaine and it works for the most part
but was thinking about trying out CBD how does it work and how do you take it for anxiety?
I've been using it for the physical effects associated with panic disorder. 100% CBD. A good organic brand. No THC. It eases most of my symptoms (racing pulse/heartbeat, tight throat, dizziness/vertigo, headaches)...or helps keep them at bay. I use it so I can avoid a psych prescription med & my psych is aware and in agreeance with me taking it.
Note that CBD is known to have interactions with various drugs so educate yourself on that. Also, if you want to understand how or why it might help you, look up endocannibinoid (I think i spelled that right!) system & CBD oil.
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