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Default Re: How do you eat the food you dislike?

Also a picky eater growing up, my parents encouraged me to try many different kinds of foods. Yet, I revert back to my favorites as often as possible and rarely turn down a good light salad. I like the suggestions from Skeezyks regarding nutrition and not force feeding yourself. Soups being my favorite, contain high amounts of, well, whatever I feel like putting in. That being said, there is no meal like a meal that you prepare for yourself. A few of my favorites are baked Mac and Cheese Casserole, Ministrone Soup, Chili and 'Taco night'. There is also a taco lasagne recipe that I like to follow that is so much fun and a little less interactive to eat and digest. One of my biggest concerns is clean-up after cooking, so I limit my meals to 5 ingredients.
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