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Default Re: What is the difference between PTSD and CPTSD?

Originally Posted by HopefullyLost1211 View Post
Hello. I was diagnosed with PTSD and had never heard of Complicated PTSD until I came to this forum. One person said that C-PTSD is like narcissistic personality disorder. Is that accurate? If that's true, then wouldn't it fall in the personality disorder section? Would anyone care to explain? What am I missing? Thank you
no you are not missing anything... no its not like narcissistic personality disorder.

the word complex is sometimes added to a persons files when they have many different problems with their mental disorder.

CPTSD is not a mental disorder in the books yet. but some places around the world recognize that people like veterans have a long term problem with having flashback, nightmares, anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, mild dissociation problems, due to long term military duty or long term abuse. (basic PTSD symptoms)

if you do a google search of the history of the word complex being added to PTSD you will find such things as in its beginnings it wasnt looped with a mental disorder. the word complex was a description of a persons problems...

you know like a teacher can be teaching math and say to their students ... now pay attention because this lesson is complex, there are many different things you need to do with it.

and somewhere along the way it started being misused as a separate PTSD disorder even though its not recognized as one. as a way to designate that a person has long term PTSD with long term symptoms.

At the moment this is not in the diagnostic books as a mental disorder but some locations recognize the grouping of symptoms and the severity and the duration that a person has had PTSD as Complex PTSD.

now on come the change over of the mental health systems in 2013 and thanks to the DSM5 Complex PTSD is called by different things more individualized according to how it affects a person and what each persons grouping of symptoms are.

example my CPTSD is called Acute Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. america has many trauma and stress related disorders category with many different PTSD mental disorders. CPTSD is not one of the diagnostic labels but they do recognize the symptoms and call it by other things.

right now there are petitions and considerations with the APA (american Psychiatric Association, the agency in america that names what mental disorders there are in the world along with other countries professionals, and anyone else that wants to take part in the process ) for considering making this grouping of long term problems an actual mental disorder label

so maybe some day it will be a recognized mental disorder label, until then people get their problems with it treated under different mental disorder names.
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