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Originally Posted by downandlonely View Post
Yes, I don't think it is right to scam other people.

When you say the mental health system has failed you before, what exactly do you mean? Have you tried medication and it didn't work? Have you had a bad therapist? Some therapists are not good, but it seems like you have PTSD from your childhood, and a good therapist might be able to help.

I feel like you misunderstand the context of my post.

It doesn't matter how good or bad the mental health system is. It's a fact that I have trouble finding and holding down a regular job. I have trouble taking care of my basic needs. Even going to the grocery store or doing my laundry feels like fighting a war. I can't even drive a ****ing car because of my anxiety issues. What would be the one thing that would help me live an easier and more comfortable life? You guessed it. Money! Being able to make a comfortable living with less than 25 hours of work per week would improve my quality of life tenfold.

I am sorry but I don't see the system helping me get over all my issues in a reasonable amount of time. Even if it could, how am I supposed to take care of my basic needs? How am I supposed to eat? Pay my rent? Don't even tell me disability is a solution because there is no way I am quitting my part time student job and dropping out of school to meet their lousy criteria just to not have any way to take care of myself for months or years while I wait on their slow asses only to get a crappy $700-800 that is barely enough to pay my living expenses.

If you want to know how or why the system has failed me, read my other posts. A post on the 3rd page of that recent thread titled "I don't belong here" that I made in the relationships forum will give you some ideas. I am tired of typing.

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