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Default woahhhh a success

Hi All,
I've never posted in this forum before because I was shy and uncertain if I was really going to be able to/worthy of this sobriety thing. but I've been sober from alcohol for two months and on this path with a few slips for almost 6 months now. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that after 30 days I didn't suddenly transform into a gorgeous, wealthy superhero with perfect skin and no mental health issues who wakes up at 6am to do yoga with orphan dolphins
something major just happened:
I was at an ultra weird family xmas and because I live far away I had over-committed on the amount of time I would spend with them. Things were getting hard and I was feeling myself slip into a very bad place. Normally I would swallow that feeling with a lot of festive drinks but instead I said:
I can't stay here

And found another place to stay for the remaining time and will see family when I feel able.
Maybe I am a glowing dolphin saving supermodel after all.
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