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Default Re: Diabetes Support Thread

Originally Posted by Gr3tta_0 View Post
Hello we've had quite a few events. My wife's surgery went well, but she's having a rather rough recovery. Has a follow up appointment next week. Her blood sugar has been pretty good, so that's a positive.

Possom i hope that pricey medicine will be worth it! Managing the costs is always an added challenge. I hope you are having more good nights in your own bed.

Marylin thank you. I hope you can see your doctors soon, and that they will be helpful to you.

Welcome to new posters, and i hope everyone is feeling well and can have a good weekend!

I know it's only been a few days since you posted this Gr3tta but I hope that your wife's recovery has become a little more settled by now. It is positive that her blood sugars are good too.

Thanks for asking about the meds.My new meds have turned me unto one very cranky Possum but I am having more nights being able to sleep in my bed.

Pleased to hear that the nurse can change your medications Marilyn. Seems like you are doing some hard but much needed work to bring your blood sugars down. Keep up the good work.
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