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If we had a disagreement
Fred would never lose.
He would say things
Like take back what
You just said.
It must be the other
You talking. And
I would say bi-polar
Is changes in mood,
Not in personality.
And I was on top
Of my affliction.
I never ever got
Hyper anymore I
Was content on one plane.
I was no longer
A thrill seeker. And
I drunk less than Fred
By a long shot.
Some nights out
I drunk soft drinks.
And I would always
Get asked if I were expecting.
And if a disagreement
Got heated because
I had said something true
And Fred did not like it
He would push
My shoulders and
Chest until I was
Up against the wall
Or a door and Say:
If you don't take it back,
Hit me then. He would
Spit through gritted teeth
Come on try hit me.HIT ME.Hit me.
And he would be
An inch from my face.
You can't hit me
So shut your piehole.
I would rather you try and
Hit me than argue,
It solves matters easier.
Instead of flapping
Your gums like a b^tch
Just hit me.
I did not nag or shout.
I just tried to talk
To him. The fighting
Being the main issue.
He claimed he would never hit me
And that my mum
Was an idiot for suggesting
He would fight with
His own shadow.
That was complete bull.
It actually summed
Up Fred to a tee.
Fred then discovered
That he could end
A disagreement
By saying : come on hit me.
Let's settle this : HIT me.
I was intimidated by him.
And that could possibly
Why our arguments
Frizzled out. Were
We getting on better?
Or was I scared of him?
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