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I feel ill.
One day I知 warmly up, one day I知 deeper down.
I知 a little tired of such up and down.
I知 shaked, I知 like on a ship in a hurricane.
The last event... My father tries to make me more reasonable, sayng that I would have to be happy with them, in this desert, far from everything and everybody...because when I will go back in the town I will be even more lonely than I am now.
I kindly requested him not to bother me anymore with his attempts of self-made therapist. I cannot struggle anymore with anything. I only hope to sleep and sleep and sleep.
But also sleeping is an effort.
I feel like a Santa Klaus of a trash movie, I have to hide myself, not to be recognized, with my luggage of thoughts that brings me down.
So tired.
Will it never end?
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