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@all of you

Do you believe I知 on time to recover? Because of some financial issue after separation I had to come back to my parents. It is only temporary, but I知 frightened it has been the worst choice I could make. I suffer also because my ex said to me I always had done the wrong choice in my life, even if I studied with profit, I知 very good in my job, my new colleagues appreciate me and help me to be comfortable at work. Because me too, I知 helpful with every one I meet.
I feel like I致e lost the last year of my life, as I cannot recover from this changement in my life. I知 not interested in a new relationship, I only would like to have a normal life.
Is it possible that everything I致e done was the wrong thing? Why my ex did not help me to do the right choice? I asked his opinion, every decision was taken together.
I think he wanted only to hurt me. He cannot separate his job from his family, I was treated as a simple worker of his property. A worker not worthy, btw.
I need someone who could tell me that he痴 fool. His new fianc馥 was more lonely than I am. So now I see there are no laws, no rules, no ethic, no moral, anything. I can just think that maybe me too I will steal the husband of a friend of mine, I must not desperate.
I did something for his friends, when they were in trouble. They only disappeared when I was.
I feel crazy.
Please tell me that I知 not.
If you have money, you can do everything. If you don稚 have, you have to be silent.
Is it possible that he told me I always took the wrong choice?
He was and he is so lucky in his life...he can built and destroy at his own pleasure, nothing matters.
I hate my home, my parents that make me crazy. I feel in a cage. That was another bad choice. I thought they would love and help me, as I could do. They are old and sick, I知 the only one for them. I could not stay were I was, it was too far away; and because I had not enough money to live. So is this another wrong chioce? Everything I do is wrong?
Is this only a bad period of my life or the mirror of my future?
I have to wear a mask every time I go in the world. I知 the envy of people, it seems I have no problems. No one knows how I feel, no one understands, so I cannot talk to anyone.
It is the contrary, people tell me their own problems, because I知 wise and strong.
I知 very tired.
I would like to know if I知 in time to heal from this hate, from this cage, from rage.
Thank you.
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