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Default The nanny state

I was too old for that course.
If I was not writing,
Doing my art,
I would have found
Something on my own.
I turned down jobs
I was offered and interviews
I knew I would get offered
Because my wounds
Were too fresh.
The advisor even asked
Me to pick somewhere
I always "wanted" to work.
And they could guarantee
Me work experience
There or somewhere similar.
It was guaranteed.
But I was not ready
To face the music.
I had fukkked up again.
And again it
Was me and time.
So on this course,
A young man no older than 18
Said: I do not need a job
In order to be happy.
I think he was missing
The point somewhere.
I have heard people
Saying you do not
Need a good job
To be happy but not
Having no job altogether.
In an ideal world
Young people should
Be required to do
Volunteer work if
They are claiming
At the job centre
From day one.
But that would be
Very difficult to implement
And maintain since
We are "the nanny state."
The organiser thought
He was thinking out
Of the box when we
Got an activity and
He said what If the
Child abuser is female
And not male like
Most people assume.
I knew the answer
The minute I read it.
I had come accross
These scenario exercises b4.
But I had nothing to prove
And no reason to be there.
Another young man
Who was there,
Was in a complete mess.
He had cat hair and scratches.
He smelled really bad.
And was on hard drugs.
The organiser picked
Him up every morning
To take him to this course.
So the jc were evidently
Trying to help him
And going out
Their jurisdiction to help him.
And I applaud that.
In hospital I never seen
Many as untidy as
This poor lad. He
Really needed some help.
It was not necessary
To do hygiene courses
In the hospital.
If people were dishevilled
It was because they
Were unwell or
Addicted to substances
Not because they
Were uneducated. What
A waste of money,
Time and resources.

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