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Default Adopting a blind dog

Hey all!

Well, I MIGHT be adding to the fur family soon. I lost my beloved husky in Oct 2017 and have had no interest in adopting another dog, I still have his brother so I am fine. I am not currently actively looking...

However, I volunteer for this rescue and saw on their site they had a blind dog, and the more I read about him and saw pics/videos, the more he stole my heart. I went through the process and got approved to adopt. I finally get to meet him this weekend to see what I think before deciding.

I've never had a blind dog before but have long wanted a special needs pet. He seems like such a doll from everything I've read but then his foster mom tells me he has some issues to be aware of... I am fine with the first one because I think it's a lot related to his food and environment... but the second could be an issue, because I have a disabled sibling that I care for as job

I am a dog trainer but have not worked personally with special needs dogs. I also have not done much training at all since my dog died. Anyway, has anyone here had a blind dog? Do you think the following issues are related to his environment in the foster home or something about him in general that may be harder to fix?

Issue 1-- He poops often, even in his cage. While I completely expect this in a new environment, she said he's been in foster with her for months and this is still an issue. I know he lives with 4 dogs and 4 people and she and her hubby leave him outside when they go to work, he also likely eats various foods as fosters tend to eat whatever is donated. I feel like with me working from home and sticking to one food, this could be an "Easy fix" but I'm unsure as maybe it's common in special needs dogs?

Issue 2-- He supposedly lunges/bites people often. She told me of several instances and one involved a trainer. She said he has not drawn blood but he gets like this often with new people. I've trained aggressive dogs before, but again, none that are special needs. With him unable to see, I can understand being easily spooked, so is this something that sounds un-fixable or could it again be related to her and the environment?

I am glad she is letting me meet him for a few hours this weekend before even having him meet my other dog. I will do a lot of observing and such but just was looking for feedback on people who may have had special needs dogs OR just in general, what you might do?

Again, I'm not actively looking so "find a different dog" is not happening right now. It's him or none for now. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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