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Default Sloppy seconds or thirds or fourths

So like sunnydisposition
I would get carried away
While telling a story or
Laughing at someone else's
And veer off course.
When the one person
Who would not have
Hesitated to laugh
Did not agree and
Was baffled by it,
I knew it was catty
And not to take
It at face value.
You were probably
One of the prettiest
Girls in our year.
I am not sure why
You were not the
Apple of someone's affection
At our school.
I guess you were
Just not the
Most confident and
Forthcoming in our year.
You had the potential
To break hearts.
You sort of hovered
In the background.
You reminded me of
The actress in
Linkin Parks video
For "crawling" Maybe
Just the eyes.

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