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Default Re: The Fibromyalgia check in thread #4

Originally Posted by cakeladie View Post
Hi Liz not sure if I got a PM from her or not but it was a while ago. She was upset because she could no longer reach Jan and she was worried to death about her she wasn't doing to go and left instructions with someone here if something was to happen to her hernwho to notify inhave sent PMs and they go unanswered along with Jan's PM's
(((( All ))))
I am in touch with Jan. Things have been worse health wise than normal, but she’s a fighter and she comes through. I do see posts from her daily on FB- shares of cute animals or jokes, so I know she’s out there. She’s only sent one email in 6 months probably- takes a lot out of her. I’ll tell her you are all worried. I know she thinks of you all often. Like I do.
I forget to check in here- I forget a lot of things now with the TBI.
Just glad to know you’ve not forgotten us
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