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Default Re: Is the hospital really that bad?

There will come a point where you will need to accept yourself. Being ill doesn't make you an inferior. Each experience in the hospital is different, and each person is different with unique experiences only to them. There is unpredictability with it in that sense.

My first hospitalization, I stayed for eight months. My second, I was court ordered to stay 72 hours after medical clearing. My third was two days.

Please don't think of hospitalization as an end all. It's too help you, not hurt nor hinder you. What do you feel is the best route for you: are you getting support in your everyday life, your job, school, family, friends? Are you undergoing counselling and medication management to help combat your symptoms? Are you taking care of you for you? Think about that.

If you're a threat to yourself or others, you will be court ordered to stay. I wouldn't worry about hospitalization if you're currently receiving adequate treatment.

But people in each of my hospital stays have been very caring towards me. I didn't have a good support team afterward, so things were rough after, but not everyone has that and each experience is unique.
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