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Originally Posted by precaryous View Post
“I feel like he is messing with my mind.
he hasnt helped me with buttons or anything though. that would definitely be clearly sexual. its not like that. its very subtle.“

“he hasn’t been explicit about anything, it’s all innuendo and suspicious touching etc”

That’s how it was in the beginning for me. He was subtle, used innuendos, brought up sexual topics into the therapy... phoned me late in evening with more innuendo and half spoken phrases that didn’t make sense. Then he wouldn’t explain.

Now, looking back, I think he *wanted* me to ask him, “Are you saying we should be intimate together” (or similar question.)

HE didn’t want to bring it up.
HE wanted the question to come from ME so he could blame it all on me at a later time.
HE was trying to make it all my idea, all my fault.
HE wanted to be able to deny the idea EVER came from him.

blackocean, could this be true for your situation?
it could be because he sometimes comments on my bad choices and how i put myself in some of my bad situations
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