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Default Re: This has been a rough week~got triggered~

Originally Posted by Amethyst_Stargazer View Post
I met somebody new and they triggered me, simply by treating me how my ex boyfriend did. I didn't see any red flags or warning signs before hand. We were talking, having a blast talking and getting close to one another. Over the course of getting to know him, things just blew up in my face. He started getting short with me, having a temper, making me feel as if I did something wrong~ when I know I didn't and simply treating me poorly. When I mentioned how he was treating me, he was being unreasonable and made it worse by getting angry at me. In the end, I stopped speaking to him because I realized what was going on.

I sobbed on the bed, felt huge anxiety and shaking and felt sick to my stomach by the way he was treating me and speaking to me. He was very demanding and cold towards me and I didn't do anything to hurt him. I let my guard down because I'm focusing on healing and now I know I need to be a little bit more careful when it comes to people and who I accept into my life. This was simply one person who I met who has done this to me. The rest of my friends respect my boundaries and we have no issues speaking to one another. He however triggered me the entire time. By the way he was speaking to me and being demanding. He reminded me a lot of my ex and all I can say now is that I'm glad he's out of my life now.

I'm feeling a lot happier today. That's very good. Considering the last three days or so, I felt sick to my stomach and had horrible anxiety. Thanks to those who's reading this and supporting me. Sometimes you just have to be careful who you speak too, overtime they will reveal their true colors. The moment someone treats me unfairly again, I'm not even going to try to speak with them, I'll just block. Talking with Abusers is nearly impossible and exhausting. And I'm sure others can relate with me.
Good for you to realize you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect! It sucks to let yourself be open and accepting to another person and realize that they're not open to you in return. Don't let it stop you from taking the risk, because there are plenty of good people out there to share your unique self with!
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