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Heart Re: Daily Check In/Chat Thread #1

Originally Posted by Blue_Bird View Post
I'm doing well. I'm on day 41 of no b/p.

I started college (just 1 class ) have been going to my day treatment program a few days a week, and have been going to my church program every week.

It is helping me to be busy. Normally I am just sitting in the house all day obsessing about food and constantly being drawn to the refrigerator. I have a lot more things to occupy my mind right now so I'm thankful for that.

Wow, day 41....awesome.

I'm also AN-R/BP type. This is a huge accomplishment, keep going if you can, I suspect it may get easier with lots of well-nurtured time. I stopped purging once, it was horrific. I purged everything though, for years beforehand...I'm a mixed bag now. I know I can stop, it's the 'want' that interferes.
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