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Default Re: Losing job because of a disability

Originally Posted by TheLonelyChemist View Post
As others have said it is discriminatory.

But I feel making comments on your disability alone is ethically wrong and should be liable with you being compensated.

From here are some words of encouragement. It is not in any way related to legal system.

Talking about disabilities, I am a teenager who cannot drive. Yet is forced to go to college by his family. I also have schizophrenia and it's amazing what I can do compared to another person with same disabilities, yet just average compared to a normal person. It hurts me how my father makes comments about how I should've been a "bright student." I am brilliant in my own right, brilliant as a real-life schizophrenic can be, but still do not have any friends or girlfriends for that matter.

I could have been a brilliant surgeon if I didn't have any of these illnesses I have. I sometimes think I am a real life Doctor Strange. I lost most of my mental abilities and physical fitness when I was around three months old. Couple that with the most terrible parenting you can imagine of (like, parents thinking it's good to exclude their son from society because "world is evil" and then expecting him to be a class one officer) and malnutrition, psychological trauma, etc.

Then you get me... simple as 1+1 = 2.

I am actually a special person, special as in the case Freddy Highmore can be in his series the Good Doctor.

But I still have passion for what I do. Helping others in the most scientific way possible (even if I sound ridiculous) I kind of lost my social life due to my disability and a massive part of my academic life, but I am good to go as I think the glass is half full.
I am treated as being crazy. Because of my disability!
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