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Well... despite the difference in our ages... we have a lot in common. Of course, I presume you don't need me to tell you the thoughts you have of not wanting to do anything... see a therapist, join a support group, go anywhere... maybe even just die... are your depression talking. I'm in essentially the same place. The difference is that, because I'm old, there's really no need for me to do anything anymore. So I can just sit here in front of the fireplace with some smooth jazz playing in the background, & reply to posts here on PC. A bit later, I'll have to take the dog out for his afternoon walk. But that's pretty-much it.

I wish I had some sage advice to offer you here. I don't. As I'm sure you understand, the longest journey starts with a single step. So unless you do simply decide to remain stuck where you are & allow whatever happens to happen, or try to end your life, (it's not as easy as one might sometimes think) somehow you have to find a way to take that first step, & then the next, & the next. I just don't know of any other alternative.

I'm fond of classical Zen poetry which I, unfortunately, have to read in translation since I don't speak or read either Japanese or Chinese. Anyway... here's one poem of which I am especially fond. I'm not sure what the relevance is here. But, for some reason, it came to mind as I typed this reply:

"The myriad differences resolved by sitting, all doors opened.
"In this still place I follow my nature, be what it may.
"From the one hundred flowers I wander freely,
"The soaring cliff-- my hall of meditation
"(With the moon emerged, my mind is motionless).
"Sitting on this frosty seat, no further dream of fame.
"The forest, the mountain follow their ancient ways,
"And through the long spring day, not even the shadow of a bird."

Reizan, Japan (?- 1411 c.e.)

Speak only if you can improve upon the silence.
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