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Originally Posted by Dnester View Post
Does anyone else hear experience chanting that sounds like its just in your head coming from nowhere.
my daughter has this problem. her doctors call it psychosis mixed with OCD. when the doctors and psychiatrists make changes to her meds it goes away.

they did assess my daughter for dissociative disorders to see if the problem was related to any dissociative disorders but the key factor for my daughter was that it didnt stay with her all the time any time she encountered a trigger and the problem had no specific trigger to make it happen like DID alters have accompanying symptoms.

because her voices and chanting did not fit the kind that come with dissociative disorders they went on the belief that it was medication induced psychosis, or other psychosis disorders mixed with her OCD. Chanting / rhyming/ singing or saying the same word over and over again is one of her OCD problems.
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