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Default Re: Family is causing anxiety and stress?

Hey there,

I'm a teen and a guy myself, so I can relate to you a little somewhat. I have a brother -- but not sisters, haha.

It sounds like your sisters are stressing you out, and how they treat you -- it sounds like maybe they're not treating you fairly, or aren't respecting you? Without a father figure or another male in the house, it must be somewhat hard for you too.

It sounds like you're managing and helping out with most things around the house, that's very responsible of you and very mature of you -- so kudos to you for that haha. It also sounds like maybe things may not be so eh between you and your dad, that you don't want to be like him? It sounds like you want to be a better version, and that's great.

As far as your sisters, maybe you can try talking to them you know? I don't know what exactly you're having to manage or deal with all alone, but I mean, there are some things I'm going through myself too -- but we're all here to help and support each other. Are you still in high school/school? Maybe there's a counselor you can speak too? There's public resources as well to speak with counselors or what not if you're having some really tough moments and need to speak with someone for some help.

I hope things work out!
: )
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