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Originally Posted by SarahSweden View Post
I told my T through an e-mail that I was afraid of losing her and I also mentioned a couple of things she said that had hurt me. (Because of me being so attached to her and me being "in love with the transference".

At first she scheduled a new appointment but me telling her about my attachment made her see her supervisor who I guess partly because of my attachment forced my T to end therapy with me.

This was never confirmed though, my T said it was because of their session limit we had already exceeded but I strongly believe it also had to do with the fact that my therapist:

1: Doesnīt know how to untangle transference feelings from a client.
2: Felt countertransference and warm feelings towards me she didnīt know how to handle.

So as a short answer, I told my T about my attachment to her in an e-mail and she abandoned me partly for that.

A bit off topic but I think itīs far and foremost therapists who own their practises and who work with "paying clients" who also knows how to work on more complicated cases and who expects transference and attachment as something to be dealt with. They need to be capable of that or else it's difficult to get a steady client base, especially if youīre a psychodynamically oriented therapist.

Therapists within public health care donīt know, donīt get the time and often arenīt aware about transference feelings and by that thereīs a huge risk to let clients down and leave them in abandonment.
Sorry this happened to you. We should be able to, are encouraged to, reveal all. This is such an emotional undertaking and if a T doesn't want to deal with all the things that come with it, they flat out need to find another career. It's ****** that you were blocked because you were honest. Even more, you felt a connection and it was disrespected. Makes me wanna go shoot rubber bands at that T.
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