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Default Re: How Did You Tell?

My T knew from the start that I might attach to her. I didn't have to say I was attached when it finally happened. Actually, when it finally happened is when I asked for a hug. But our goal was to delay attachment as long as possible so that I can really get to know her first. Now, telling her that I love her was the hard part, abd asking her if she loved me.

I'm going to bring up my history of attachment right away with interim T. For one, I might get attached to her, and two, I'll need to talk to her about my attachment to T. T says attachments are a good thing and that she wants me to attach to new T. She prefers it. She hopes that interim T will remain in my life so that there's more than one person who won't abandon me. Plus she fears that if I don't attach, and something little is said or done wrong, I'd be much more likely to give up rather than work through it.

I don't want to attach to interim T. I feel like I'll be cheating on T, and I also don't want to choose between the two when T comes back. But given my history and my gut feeling about this woman, I'm probably going to attach to her.
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