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Default Re: How Did You Tell?

Thanks. Yes, my T even said that itīs possible to "fall in love" with a therapist which I already knew but when the actual feelings were there she couldnīt handle it. She was an alternative therapist and by that I know she isnīt educated about transference or how to work with attachment.

As you say connection is encouraged and should be honored but in my case I think my T felt too strongly about me, not in a loving sense but more that she was afraid Iīd hurt myself if sheīd leave me. She told me she was worried how Iīd react if she told me we had to end therapy and I believe she was. But thatīs also part of lacking knowledge, especially as I never said anything about hurting myself or similar when therapy had to end.

Yes, I wish every day I could do something about her betrayal, you mention "shooting rubber bands" but unfortunately thereīs nothing to do about it. An angry letter or similar wonīt change anything as she wonīt respond.

Originally Posted by Nemo1934 View Post
Sorry this happened to you. We should be able to, are encouraged to, reveal all. This is such an emotional undertaking and if a T doesn't want to deal with all the things that come with it, they flat out need to find another career. It's ****** that you were blocked because you were honest. Even more, you felt a connection and it was disrespected. Makes me wanna go shoot rubber bands at that T.
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