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Default Chat tonight 8PM EST Depression and Anxiety Coping with Mindfulness

Hi there. Last week we added short 3 minute videos about mindfulness and coping and this format was well received. We will continue on with this type of discussion with new videos this week. Hope to see you there in the Chat Rooms, Depression And Anxiety Support Room tonight at 8PM EST.

If you cannot make the discussion I will post the videos here later on.

If you are new to Psych Central here is info about how to find discussions and chat rooms.

First if you want to see the calendar on the blue bar above click on Calendar or this link may work if you have more than 10 posts

Then in the lower corner of the browser if you are on a computer, there is a bar with Chat Rooms on that bar. Then click on Chat Rooms and there are 4 choices, CoffeeHouse, Emotional Support, Adult and Auditorium (Every other Tuesday DocJohn founder of Psych Central does a Q&A on mental health issues and relationships)

If there are any other moderated discussion they have a unique name. Mine lately has been Depression and Anxiety coping with mindfulness. There is another session scheduled for tonight (Thursday at 8PM EST) It will appear just before the discussion starts. Hope to see you there.
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