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I just read your post from a few years ago. Good for you for not naming the cult. There are so many honest hearted ones in there that are truly decent Christians doing what they think is the Godly way. While I was an elder I was able to see the good and bad in people from circuit overseers to all those “worldly people”. 3 years ago I finally broke free of the mind control. I was abused as a child and had to sit in the hall suffering with cuts and bruises while my stepdad would comment and act so righteous. I witnessed hypocrisy on so many levels that eventually I got out.

What brought me here today is a result of age 2 to 59 of abuse trauma. I finally figured out I have PTSD from all of it. I can’t stay in relationships. If she gets emotional about anything and I go into flight and fright mode. I am searching for ways to overcome this afflicition.. I will try some of the things you found helpful. Thank you for your words of freedom and discretion....
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