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Thank you.
So Iím thinking and thinking... and Iíve realized that my ex husband is a bad person I donít want anymore in my life, not to meet even at the supermarket. The woman heís with is a false person, even worse than he his. They have no moral, no respect for people, no love for people. So let them in their present or future mud.
Iíll be a...bachelor(?) Is it possible to use this term for a woman? I donít need anything, Iím quite good also alone, if the alternative is to stay in a ill relationship or to have someone not good near to me. I stop struggle, it is useless. People are really imperfect, and Iím tired of accepting all the rage, the sadness, the incapacity of doing something good from others.
Everyone I meet stands on his sofa waiting for something good in his life, otherwise crying on destiny and so on. I cannot tolerate anymore, I leave them with their problems, because they want to speak and speak, but nobody has time to listen. Being on the sofa....
What do you think about?
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