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Default Graffiti.

Originally Posted by Balthascar810 View Post
Fred never said, maybe you
Are just emotional because
Of your grandfather passing .
He was not ever close
To his grandparents
Seeing as he
Was from a large family.
Large as far as
Today's standards go.
I have heard of the
Film: the seven year itch.
It was make or break.
I imagine Freds reaction
If I said we were expecting
And all I could see
Was him looking
Out of the window
And saying: "where
Will we find the money
If you can't work?
My life is as
Good as over.
It was fukked before, and now?"
That was Fred, not me.
No they were a lovely quine.
I would not recognise
Her today from p....
But Fred is wrong. I said.
He was dogmatic.
Calm down dearest,
Listen to yourself.
They were blonde, blond
White blonde not dark hair
To begin with.
I saw her face book
They had blossomed.
Fred was horrible
To his sister's.
I do not blame them
For not paying him.
He owed them a favour.
His sister had to go
To an interview for
Her passport and
Was asked the birthday
Of one of her siblings
And they struggled
With the day of the month.
I can't imagine having
Six other siblings.
I thought you would
Follow your middle sis
And go to uni.
It's not like Fred
Was good at
Painting the picture.
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