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Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
Im sorry but could you elaborate more?
I was bullied for 5 years in primary school...5 years with the same kid.

That's nothing compared to the abuse I recieved from a father.. every day. Every day and my mother used to tell me that "he'sjust drunk". And she was only present when they would take turns at beating me and my clueless younger brother.

My brother couldn't live with such additional memories to his drug addiction and prison stay. My parents abandoned him when he got locked up. The sad part is that my father said I should be more like him.the safer part is my brother hung himself in prison.

My sisters should thank me for stopping my mother from slapping them. I made sure that they lived a blissful life. They don't see it, selfishness runs dry after so much dialogue . I love the both. I would die for them.

Have or do you relate were someone you know need to get a final judgement

Let's start reporting past abuse.
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