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Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
Something that popped in my mind... my husband works on a college campus and he has major back issues. He actually just had a procedure to get injections in his back in the or but thats neither here nor there. He is a network technician which sounds fancy but he does the fiber optic installs and sets up wireless networks which is very physical involving pulling cable and going down manholes underground and stuff like that. He got his doctor to give him a note that he should be put on light/moderate duty. Its not disability but it protects him so that his bosses know to let him do the easier parts of the jobs he's on. It is not like being assigned to desk duty its just that he still does his job but has the easier part of the team doing these intalls. I wonder if that would help you. I am not sure if you would be able to get a note that references you not being able to walk all over the place on campus or needing frequent breaks but maybe it would help? My understanding with his job is that it protects him. He is still doing most of what he was hired to do but its modified so he is preserving his back. Would you being on a modified duty or light duty help you? I feel like it may protect your job but save your feet. What do you think?

That would cost money though, wouldn't it? Getting into a doctor to get a note wouldn't be cheap for me. I have no insurance and can't afford to see a doctor.

I don't think going through the trouble of getting a doctor's note is worth it for this stupid job. It pays me a whole $500-600 per month. Woopty ****ing do lol.

I really need a change of scenery. I can't do the same boring thing for this long. I want to do something technical anyways. I never was fond of physical labor.
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