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Unhappy Re: Running or dancing

Originally Posted by saidso View Post
Flossing and doing laundry, hah! The thing that gets me wingeing is ironing double duvets after having visitors. They always say that they will bring sleeping bags and forget.

NoNightOwl you are an inspiration. What kind of dance did you do in your trenties? I did acrobatic dance - it was an eruption of rebelliousness after being mocked for dancing as a young child.

If I could get to running 2 miles I would be ecstatic! Big smile coming your way. I don't know whether I can still run at all because years ago my knees were injured. But that was years ago and knees are painfree now. I run for buses and suppose that if I can't run I could stumble jerkily around which would pace my heart rate a bit.

I see a lot of runners in my neighbourhood and some are not in lycra and have white hairs. I am just not-motivated. So thanks very much for inspiring me by your efforts!

Sometimes exercise for me feels like flossing, but once I get a regular routine going then exercise is more like washing up the cups while I am brewing coffee. It becomes something that I do automatically, and I like having the reserves of energy to fall back on.

Gym 3 times a week hah - good effort !

At least I've done exercises again today - without motivation but I didn't give way to distractions. Will be off line for next few days but will look forward to exchanging more about this at the weekend.
Thanks. As far as dancing, it didn't have a particular name like The Twist, as an example. We just moved like we had no joints, LOL. I guess it was called freestyle. I do remember one dance we did to the song The Bird (I think) by Morris Day and the Time. We must have looked ridiculous, waving our arms like flapping wings, LOL.

I've run to catch the bus many times, and sometimes I made it and sometimes I didn't.

I'm not looking forward to walking to the library during the week because of the damn roadwork they are going to be doing. They say to use an "alternate route" but there is no alternate route. It's impossible to get here without driving down this busy, main street. No cross streets close by to get around, and that stupid creek is in the way. I'd like to drive across it if if it's dry, LOL.

Walking is good but the streets are so busy and noisy. Too many signals. And I'm sick of the scenery. And too many people whizzing by me on bikes, scooters, and skateboards.

I missed the gym for a week cause of a bad cold that just hung on, and when I went back it was SO HARD to do! I just missed a week, not a month!! Yet I couldn't go as fast or exercise as long as I usually do. I had to do lighter weights with fewer reps, and I did a shorter cardio workout at a lower speed. All cause of one week!!!
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