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Originally Posted by CANDC View Post
Whispershardow I moved your post that was here to here
as you requested.
okay thanks candc I'm sorry for causing work for you and the others

idk if starting a new thread will work today, have not tried, idk if it's computer yesterday or some other reason why I could not start threads yesterday

I finally managed to get hold of the family member who kept trying to phone me, there's been no changes to grandma's health, the phone call was about something my grandma had wanted to send up here to me and it was arrangements for it to come up here (large item)

Of course, me being me, I fretted as soon as I had her trying to phone several times and I tried answering the call but as I said phone signal up here is complete crap so I couldn't get hold of her until last night after I logged off from here

I wish I wasn't me Can I be someone else please? is that allowed?
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