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Originally Posted by healingme4me View Post
believe me, you, you don't want my life. Not for nothing, I'm at peace about my own life, the entirety of it all and everything and it's not a miserable existance or anything it's just honestly...I subscribe to the 'careful what you wish for' mentality.

Glad that the phone call was innocent enough. Would have been more kinder of your relative to leave some type of message such as 'not an emergency but call' as opposed to leave you guessing and worrying and struggling to return that call. Geezuz...

For me, today, no news is good news. I had a flash back to seeing my mom in her hospital room when I went to visit on Friday. My uncle's last message to the family after his own visit yesterday was amazement at how very weak she was and he hoped she'd be awake today. Also she didn't eat yesterday at least not lunch. We're all individually stranded so to speak in our own homes today because of a major winter storm.
I'd swap with you, healing, even though you said I don't want your life and to believe you

Yeah I don't know why she didn't leave a message, or phone on the landline to leave a message ........

s healing
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