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Originally Posted by Angie84 View Post
Hey, thanks for all your replies. I maybe should have said that I have input from a psychiatrist and a psychologist. They psychologist has advised that I harm myself when I dissociate as there is a part named Viktor who takes over and wants me to die (or exit as my psychologist calls it). I spoke to my psychiatrist over the phone the day after it happened and spoke of my concerns, she spoke about hospital but stated that she did not think it would be good for me long term so she won't admit me. I have a few grounding techniques that help when I feel myself losing a sense of reality, but I don't always get that feeling.
here where I am and with me and my violent alter every time this alter acted out in self injury I was hospitalized. you see here where I am we have some very strong laws where if a treatment provider knows about a dangerous situation like my violent alters my therapist could lose their credentials and be prosecuted for making sure I could not get hurt or others would not get hurt. So at the very least I was hospitalized for 72 hours while the hospital assessed the situation and made sure I was no longer a danger to myself and other.s

these hospitalizations at first didnt seem to be helping but eventually by my treatment provider following through every time, my violent alter realized they could not act out in violence. that when it happened everyone would be held accountable. its one body so what happened with one body happened to all.

after a few hospitalizations my violent alter started using less violent ways to handle things that triggered that alter to act out.

maybe you can talk with your treatment providers and develop a treatment plan that will work for you and this violent alter so that you wont continue to get hurt.

maybe you can look back on your life and see whether this violent behavior has been happening all your life and how your system of alters have handled it all your life

DID is not something that just comes on a person one day, its something that is with you your whole life so everything that happens because of DID happens since very early childhood.

my point maybe you can contact your doctors and they can tell you what they have done for you when you were a child to prevent this from happening, I mean when a person needs such serious treatment for such a serious wound people dont stand by and do nothing when a very young child is doing this and has this happening to maybe you can find out how this was controlled and taken care of by your parents, family, friends, doctors when you were little. and find out how your system of alters prevented or took care of this situation when you were little.

your treatment providers can help you locate all your past medical and mental health records, school records and so on where this was happening in your lifetime of being DID / dissociative and help you make treatment plans that can help you to control/ stop this kind of thing now.
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