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Default Re: Can't cope with my job anymore.

For now I was able to get them to reduce my hours during the spring semester.

I dropped down to 12 hours. I used the fact that I am enrolled in a bunch of programming classes as an excuse to bump my hours down by telling them how I will need more time to study since I'm taking a bunch of "hard" classes, when in all reality, most of my programming that I'm learning is the easier stuff.

So now, I only have to deal with 3 4 hour shifts a week. No more working all day and no more waking up to go to work at 7:30. I am not a morning person at all and going to work that early alone had a negative effect on my mental health lol.

I'll contend with less hours for now. I'm also going to start donating plasma again. I took a break from plasma because I was having issues with my pulse, but said pulse issues are likely due to stress anyways and working this job less will reduce my stress levels as a result.

I'm going to see about renewing my A+ and Net+ certification that I got in 2011 when I went to trade school. Renewing them both will cost me between $600-700 so I'll just take out another loan if need be. If I have those certifications though I could probably get a job that starts between $12-15 per hour.

I just need to get over my social issues and I'm g2g.
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