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Default Re: how to prevent an anxiety attack.

Thank you so much for this post! I agree who heartedly with the PDF and how grounding can be an effective way to manage a panic attack.

For me, deep breathing is key. I close my eyes and try to cut off all my other senses and other stimuli to focus only on my breath. I'll also try to remove myself from the panic-inducing situation. Sometimes, however, this is impossible because it may not be able to be identified or there may be no reasonable escape.

Another technique I use is I tell myself positive affirmations. I will tell myself things that make me feel good, things that combat what I fear, things that are true and combat the lie.

Unfortunately, this is very much a work in progress and the majority of the time I still have to resort to my medication to experience significant relief. I am working on these things with my therapist and recovery counselor.

I have to remember that emotions are tricksters and sometimes they lie to you. Remember what you know to be true and get the upper hand.
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