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I hear what you're saying too, Pfrog. To people who are abusive to you, you don't need them in your life. To people who may seem to just ignore or be uninterested, I went through a similar situation. I am very triggered by people who treat me like I don't matter, and that includes people who ignore my messages who are supposed to be family and friends.

Recently, when I was dealing with a bunch of negative things on top of things at once, and really overwhelmed, I'd sent someone just a quick thank you message on FB and they seemed to ignore it. Due to my other stress, I ended up going over the edge and posting a general message to everyone and anyone on facebook who may not respect me.

Posting that message felt good, but I also ended up deleting it. I have friends. And some of them were worried that I meant them and they felt bad. The weird thing is I did mean them. I meant a lot of people.

I think for me, my thoughts can become distorted when I'm depressed, stressed, and overwhelmed and triggered. People do love me, like me, and care about me. But I also feel the way I feel sometimes. I honestly need to get out more and I think that...for me, communicating on the internet just sucks. The woman who I thought had ignored me, it turned out her phone had died. I think after that she just forgot. However, no one said I should have taken my post down, or shamed me for it. Maybe there was a grain of truth to it, AND people care about me, AND I need to get out more and not put so much stock into what goes on in messages online.

Your post just brought up a lot of resonant thoughts for me. I was intending to help you too with my own story. Sorry if it didn't though.

I hope you have a better day, Pfrog, and I hope that you are able to make some friends who you feel good around, and I hope you stop spending time around people, and putting stock into people who don't seem to care. If worst comes to worst, if you want to save your friendship, communicate how you're feeling with the specific person you're struggling with.

Hugs to you.
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