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Default Re: Wish I Could Be Done

Originally Posted by Thirty shades View Post
I can empathise with you here. People can be so cruel.

IRL they have no understanding of what it is like for us and that we don't actively choose to be AS IS.

Online they don't give a second thought to who they are typing to. Who cares if we spell a word wrong. They understood the word enough to correct it. They have an ego with a problem.

Crypts_Of_The_Mind you are smart, (I only have seen you post recently) your posts are intelligent and insightful. You are nice and kind enough always supporting others.

Others makes us feel like we are the problem but we are not. We have the right to be AS IS. We are nicer, kinder and more caring than people who trigger us.

I am finding some relief from learning to be my own friend. When the pain comes, I stop, try to relax and focus on the pain inside. I ask it kindly would it like to be my friend. I bond with it and it subsides.

Much love to you
People just seemed to literally be finding weird reasons to be upset with me. I read my husband a tweet the President had made (bc it was actually funny the way it was worded) and he got mad bc it happened to be the President who wrote it - which yes, he is not a fan of the guy but it'd never made him mad before. A person online got mad bc I disagreed with something they said and kept ending with "I stand firmly behind what I said" but she kept at me anyway and then claimed I instigated it - we later resolved it but 3hrs of back and forth over crap you try to end before it begins kinda gets to you. Another person got upset at me bc I still stood firmly in my stance on that subject after that argument (and this person was not even in the argument and I tried to have a civil discussion). I would tell you exactly what it is but it has to do with my beliefs in the hereafter and we are not allowed to discuss those. And the thing they were upset over just made no logical sense. To give a comparison - it's like we are taught it is polite to say hello and smile when greeting someone and to do the same in response when being greeted, right? Now imagine one of your friends saying "I've been reading this handbook concerning the true good manners and behaviors we should show toward one another - it appears (though it doesn't say it outright) to imply we should only smile when greeting one another if we have familial ties, otherwise we may inadvertently suggest we are flirting or otherwise attracted to them and therefore open yourself up to more happening." That was the same concept of what was being discussed. I was taking the position that the "implied message" simply was not there, and for the little bit of an undertone I could see it making sense, it was not enough to connect all the dots, therefore they were simply trying to add an idea based upon their very narrow view of it. It just really blew my mind how they can come up with something like that. I mean, seriously .. how does one twist information to come to a conclusion that twisted? I tried to be polite about it though .. and I was just like nowhere in there does it even hint that, you are adding to it and when you add to it and convince mass amounts of people it's true (because this was in a group setting), you risk having a cult-like atmosphere or developing your own offshoot of this particular belief (which was not the intent). That got me book length responses to why I was wrong. I said I stood behind what I stated. Got another book length response. Like I said, this went on for hours. Didn't make sense then - still makes no sense now.

I mean yes, even in the example I gave you - if you stretch your mind, and/or put in a select few of the population, the statement would be true. Does that mean all of us should never smile at anyone who has no familial tie to us bc somehow an attraction may begin? I think that's a huge leap of the mind to take. And that's sincerely the type of thing that got 2 people mad at me online.
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