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Default Re: Do you relate to this?

Originally Posted by Erecura View Post
I think my therapist thinks I'm "ok" 'cause my symptoms seem to be mild. During the worse episodes, I still manage to go to work even if I'm less productive than usual. I still manage to get up, get ready and function, even though it's more difficult and exhausting. I also didn't tell her about the drinking, even though I know I should.

During my better episodes, I actually really act like a normal person and I feel normal. I get positive feedback from others as well, I don'do crazy impulsive stuff like people tend to do during a manic episode, I'm just happy and fine like a person normally "should be". And I feel really well and okay.
I had a nice long reply and then I lost it. Basically I said you can have unipolar depression and still cycle into periods of normalcy. Or you could have something like cyclothymia, where the “up” periods are not that severe.

My recommendation would be to see a psychiatrist for an evaluation. Therapists generally aren’t qualified to diagnose.
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