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Default Re: flashbacks make want to no longer live

(((Astral))), don't hate yourself and don't self blame either. I promise with some patience you will gradually experience a reduction in these flashbacks. I cannot say enough that "patience" is the key. This is not punishment, it's not your fault either and it's important to understand that all flashbacks come in like a wave and the best thing you can do is let them come as they come in a wave, push through you and always receed.

I myself had a terrible time with this, even had suicidal thoughts, that too just comes in waves and receed too, and this stage will pass I promise. This is not your fault and it's not any kind of punishment either so don't even entertain those thoughts. It's ok to acknowlege your flashbacks and keep saying "yes I remember but I am ok NOW". When I got bad and tired, I would go up to my bedroom and lay down and rest and after about 45 minutes I would feel so much better and could get up and function again.

Are you seeing a trauma therapist?
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