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Originally Posted by Azzurrella View Post
Thank you so much.
Iím the picture of the depressed: I do anything and Iím waiting the cosmo will do something for me. Nothing happens and Iím frustrated. I tried to be always good, and I didnít receive what I expected. A middle-aged duck quacking and quacking. What a bad picture!! 😂
I'm sorry you are depressed There are things that can help with that. Have you checked out the Depression forum here? I created several threads to comfort and cheer up people when they are depressed.

You didn't receive what you expected and you are grieving that. That's okay. And you are still alive! Who knows what the future will bring?!

Not a bad picture, in my opinion. You are the picture of an intelligent woman going through a major trauma and trying to figure out what to do. You opened up and posted on PC. That indicates strength, courage, and hope. Life is now. At this very moment. Do something, big or small, which makes you feel good. A long shower, a walk outside, buy some pretty flowers for your home, wrap yourself in a soft blanket, eat a favorite meal, drink a delicious beverage.

You say you are middle-aged...what is this is a beautiful turning point in your life? The unfaithful husband is gone. The unhappy marriage is over. What's next? You have many years ahead of you...plenty of time to find your joy and peace. I wish it for you. Remember to wish it for yourself every single day.

I just read this yesterday: tell yourself out loud "I am happy!" once every day even when you don't feel happy...see what happens after a week of doing it.

Your name is beautiful by the way, Azzurrella. I don't know if that's a profile name or actual name but beautiful either way
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