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Default Re: Anxiety treatment process

I only wish I knew the answer for I would be first in line to get it.

I have been in therapy three times including what goes on in my psychiatrist's office. In these cases I have recognised as somewhat being Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) based. A lot of learning to recognise automatic thoughts and negative thinking styles. BUT, at no time have we actually delved into the very reasons for my thinking negatively. They are aware that I have a lot of traumas in my life and I have in fact been diagnosed with PTSD but it seems they have all shyed away from actually discussing it. Now, I am at a point where my Anxiety has been all consuming and disabling. I have had enough. I need to get to the heart of my problems. Thus, when I return to seeing my psychologist and psychiatrist I plan to say flat out, "Let's stop beating around the bush and get on with it."
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