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Default Re: This is getting out of hand

Hi fallaximago,
Sorry if this is a bit late as I see this was a post in November 2018.., I recently am trying to quit smoking for the "unnumbered time"... I have tried many times, one time I quit for about a year and well slipped back. Since that I keep trying to quit again.

I can babble so my own experience will be at the bottom

I am not sure of all techniques but some suggestions

Some use chantex (prescribed drug) , but some like me are advised not to use that, or that's the last resort option for some.

I've had a few friends tell me that hypnosis helped them ((, I am going to look nto that this time))

A friend of mine asked that I read a book, admittedly I haven't but think this time around I will. He smoked for decades, (older friend), he too had a struggle then read the book and he told me he quit smoking cold Turkey
Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking

I like to read articles, here are some that
Phases of quitting
^^ I liked that one as it talks about how a person may quit many times before the final quit.

How To Naturally Detox Nicotine From Your Body

Some more just doing a Google search
Recovering From a Failed Quit Smoking Attempt and Relapse.
If you have relapsed, the first thing to accept is that you havenít failed until you give up on giving up. Rather, you have gained powerful insights and a greater awareness of the healing process
Page not found -

13 Best Quit-Smoking Tips Ever With Pictures

And of course, if you like to track, apps can help.
I like to see how much money I've saved, and such
Many apps on both platforms of iOS and android.
Distraction games are in some apps too.
My babble
This is only my 8th day for this round, but I do feel more confident. I've learned something each other time I've tried to quit and relapsed.
With all the other times I've tried to quit I know that the next few weeks I am going to get emotional, I also am finding I more outspoken with my friend smoking in closed quarters with me and not just accepting that he does it and i have no say ((because I do)).. i am reminding myself of noticing when I don't want a cig, also I am working on "what will I replace smoking with". I actually signed up for the quit line this time around too. Walking around more, planning to put the gym back on my schedule too.

Patches do seem to help me, but I am unable to wear the 21mg patch due to skin irritation. So I started with 14mg and i do have a vape. I understand some may say, dont use two methods- however I've gotten to know me. The 14mg patch will wear off within the day. Everyone is different and I understand and realize the dangers with this (((years ago I smoked while on a patch and got very Ill, so I get it))..

I had another friend, older too, that again decades he tried, he tried chantex that didn't work for him, this last time he used the vape and he has even stop using the vape. So I am hopeful.

I have also had some older friends that they were ones that just decided to quit one day, and did... I admire these folks but know and remind myself- we are all different and I must go my path on this, and I've tried cold Turkey and get too intense and fail each time.

I think trial and error, education, finding what works for you as an individual needs... like I am one that breaks down things, why am I smoking? ((Sometimes it's because I believe it doesn't matter, I dont matter, and I am going to die anyways-- I've Learned from.therapy that there's some distortion of thoughts in that thinking, and then try to challenge those distortions)).

I do hope you the best, sorry this is long, but I hope some help can come from this.

With one major thing with me , with smoking pr other addictions, is regret is murder for success... being kind to self means so much, at least for me.
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