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Originally Posted by Omers View Post
How do you prefer to identify yourself when talking about trauma?
I am at a point where I am not a victim of abuse any more
Calling myself a survivor makes me feel like one more hash mark on some creeps list of victims.
Calling myself a fighter just seems flat out wrong as I am too peaceful
I just canít find a term that fits. Poor T called me a survivor last session and got his head bit off. Poor guy. He has been SO sensitive about everything. He never thought that calling me a survivor would set me off.
Now I need a word...
back in the days when I was where you are at, didnt consider myself to be a victim but yet the term survivor didnt fit. I called my self a human being. I would tell my treatment providers

"lets not label this victim or survivor, Im a human being doing the best I can right now, thats all I am a human being"

they would smile at me and say yes you are a human being and you are doing the best you can right now.
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