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Originally Posted by pythocles View Post
My wife appears to have lost any interest in going out or doing things that she can't do in bed on her smartphone/Kindle. She spends so much time in bed that I'm beginning to worry about bed sores. How can I tell if she is depressed or needs professional help. She never goes or is willing to go to the doctor for anything short of life-or-death situations. I don't think I could persuade her to get therapy, but it is having a big impact on my life satisfaction.
Hello Pythocles. Thank you for sharing. I am sorry you and your wife are struggling. Would you be willing to fill in more info? When did this start? Was there a trigger? Such as a loss of job, loss of a friendship, illness, money worries, child moving away from home, new meds or discontinued meds, any painful or stressful life event? Does your wife work?

With regard to bed is really important. Does your wife continually move in bed...from one side to another etc? How often is she getting up? I assume she gets up to go to the bathroom, right? She's not living with chronic pain or a physical disability? Is your wife bathing, brushing her hair/teeth, changing her clothes? Getting chores done? Eating and drinking at regular intervals?

She may indeed be living with anhedonia...a symptom of depression. Though as MickeyCheeky pointed out, we cannot diagnose your wife. She needs to talk with a doctor. And as you pointed out, she needs to want to do that herself. There are some other options which may help. There are online doctors and phone lines your wife could contact from her bed. If she doesn't feel like getting up and going to a doctor's office.

have you tried talking with your wife about this yet? Try coming from a place of gentle care and concern. Something like: "Babe, I would like us to have a chat...can we check-in with each other? I noticed that you are spending more time in bed lately. You don't seem to be doing the things you used to love. I am worried about this change. And I want to help. Can you help me understand? please share from your point of view. I love you. You are my best friend in life and I want my best friend to be happy and well. I'm worried that my best friend is struggling and I'm not sure how to help."

Peace and healing energy to you and your wife
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